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10249 Glenoaks Blvd #1-4
Pacoima, CA 91331
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Mon-Fri 8:00am-4:30pm


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We are committed to providing businesses with quality products and exceptional customer service. J&J Plastics strives to meet the goals of every customer because we want your business to be successful. Our past and current customers are completely satisfied because we deliver what we promise. Although we manufacture plastic products, we pride ourselves with being one of the top businesses for customer service as well. We make sure that we are complying with all industry requirements. Our facility performs regular inspections to make sure our environment is safe. We believe our employees are the backbone of our business, and we make sure they have been thoroughly trained before operating any piece of machinery. Your business is important to us because we understand what it takes to be competitive. We are loyal to our customers, and we would never do anything to make your business unhealthy. We promise only the best experience from start to finish, as we are reliable and efficient. We do not believe in sacrificing quality, which means we will never take on more business than we can handle. Our goals are your goals, and you will not find another plastic fabrication company that will be more committed to you. We know how to provide quality parts and products that will be cost-effective to you. You will find that our prices cannot be beat. Contact us today at our facility in Pacoima, CA. Let us assist you. We have the tools to get your order filled quickly.